What Do We Do

A Regular monthly meeting

A lot of new members (and visitors) tend to ask us:

“What does a Rotaract Club actually do?”

That’s an easy question!

A Rotaractor’s involvement in a Rotaract club depends on how closely they work with their club, and every Rotaractor has a different experience.  However, the principal activities of Burwood Rotaract can be grouped into three areas:

  1. Community Service Projects
  2. Leadership and Professional Development, and
  3. Fellowship and Networking 

Community Service

Rotaractors clean up on Clean-Up Australia Day

Rotaractors clean up on Clean-Up Australia Day

The primary focus of both Rotary and Rotaract clubs is summarised in the Rotary motto “service above self” and in the Rotaract motto of Fellowship through Service”. At Burwood Rotaract, we strive to help both our local and international community with a range of community service projects.

These extend from various fundraising activities which combine community service with fellowship, such as our Primary School’s Citizenship Awards Night, our fundraising movie nights, trivia nights, dinners, and christmas parties, to direct service projects, such as Clean-Up Australia day, collecting clothes for those people less fortunate, or running working bees at local charities.

Some of the groups we have helped in the past include:

For more information on our community service activities, check out some of our primary projects.

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Leadership and Professional Development

At Burwood Rotaract, we encourage and actively develop our members’ professional skills and experience through training days run in conjunction with our district, and through organising and co-ordinating the community service projects conducted by the club.

Members of Burwood Rotaract joining with Rotaractors from around the world at iRYLA 2014

Members of Burwood Rotaract joining with Rotaractors from around the world at iRYLA 2014

Additional training and development occurs through our guest speakers at our regular meetings, and through Rotary programs such as our district’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program (RYLA) and the international program, iRYLA.

Our organisational structure provides for a board or committee of management, with 6 director positions:

  • President,
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Community and International Service Projects Director
  • Social Director

These roles in many ways mirror the principal roles of any organisation or association, and are regularly rotated across our membership to ensure the development of our members.  Members fulfilling these positions receive training and support from both our district and also our sponsoring Rotary club.

In addition to the formal roles within the club, members are encouraged to take on leadership roles within specific service projects or in relation to specific events.  Our members regularly practice their presentation, public speaking and organisation skills in these areas, as well as gaining insight and understanding into the running of an organisation.

Burwood Rotaract Board Changeover 2013

Burwood Rotaract Board Changeover 2013

Other opportunities offered to our members include Rotary’s ambassadorial scholarships (now replaced by a more general scholarship opportunity), and Rotary’s group study exchange program (now the New Generations Exchange Program).

In addition, our Club, as part of the Rotaract district 9675, regularly participates in district-wide and multi-club events, as well as partnering with other organisations in our community service projects, which help develop teamwork and communication skills as we are required to work with other organisations and in collaboration with a range of people.


If you want to find out more about what we can do, why not come along to a meeting?  You can contact us to let us know, or just drop in on the First Thursday of the month, at Burwood RSL Club, 96 Shaftesbury Road, Burwood NSW, Australia.

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Fellowship and Networking

Ice Skating was a popular Social activity, though slightly cold!

Ice Skating was a popular Social activity, though slightly cold!

But all work and no play certainly makes things less interesting, and Burwood Rotaract is anything but less interesting!  Rotaractors also spend a lot of time having fun, and socialising with members of the club, members of our district, and members of other organisations in the local community.

We try to hold at least one social event per month, whether it is just catching up for drinks, or having dinner together, seeing a play or a movie, going bowling or ice skating, or any other activities suggested by the membership.  Our intrepid social director’s job is to make sure the club members are having fun and keep coming along to help us with our more serious side, and we certainly make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves!

In addition, many of our community service projects are arranged either in conjunction with, or in part, as a social activity, such as our Trivia Night, or Burwood Festival.

If you want to meet the club members in a less-formal setting please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask when our next event is on, or check our calendar.

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